I’m not an entertainer for a living but as an active member of some groups in the dark scene you can see the results of my activities here:

  • The Lost Society – is the main web portal for the dark scene in the Canary Islands. We organize monthly parties using different themes; so far we’re rather successful and people identify The Lost Society as a label for high-quality events. Info: https://www.facebook.com/thelostsocietydarkcommunity
  • Avantgardia Group – under this name we organize a winter festival we named Avantgardia Fest

From time to time I also spin at parties. I’ve been DJing for ~20 years now under different nicknames or none at all. My musical taste ranges from Industrial, Noise, Power Electronics, Martial, Dark Electro, Dark Ambient, Dark Folk, EBM, Dark Wave, Goth, Minimal Electro to Trance, just to mention a few.

If you wish to have me spinning at your parties, please contact me